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Excerpts of feedback from GM readers:

Just a short note to let you know is really helpful to my research work as I am helping for William Carey International University during my furlough year.
-- Sam Y, Student, September 2005

Thanks for linking us into this resource! The topic for this issue is one we are definitely interacting with. These are excellent articles!
-- Ron H, AIM-International, April 2005

Your journal looks great!  I really appreciate the application of theology and scholarship to missiology that remains accessible by the church at large. 
-- Marcus Tso, December 2004

I just read your article “WHAT DENOMINATIONAL LEADERS SHOULD KNOW BUT HAVE NEVER  BEEN TOLD REGARDING INTERCULTURAL MINISTRIES”. I find it very insightful and will give a reaction and implementation of some of its ideas in my research.
-- Jim Latzko, December 2004

Thank you for keeping me updated on the website. It is very informative and well organized and with clean interface that is easy to use. Congratulations.
-- Nick Athanassov, December 2004

.... Blessings on your creative work for the Kingdom. I've had a look at the new GLOBAL MISSIOLOGY e-journal. It's great! We need such ventures to serve the needs around the world.
-- Dr. Roger Hedlund, Managing Editor, DHARMA DEEPIKA, Chennai, India, March 2004

Just saw the web site you have recently created...nice and very informative. An encouragement, too. God bless and more power.
-- Pastor Rey Solano, KSPS – Singapore, Feb. 2004

Congratulations on putting together a first class journal--and website! I thank God for what you are doing.
-- Dr. Dick Stellway, Viva Network AIDS Forum Facilitator, Feb. 2004

Very good indeed. I have already subscribed and added [GM] to my Web Favorites.
-- Elias Medeiros dos Santos, Associate Professor of Missions at Reformed Theological Seminary, Feb. 2004

In reference to Christianity In The Eye of Traditional Chinese: I thought this article was very well written, very accurate, and it has been long over due. I believe exactly the same thing. Thanks for your courage in writing it, and I hope that it will get into all the right hands.
-- Jannah K. Hancock, Gainesville, FL, Feb. 2004

I just logged on to your web site...thank you for your excellent work in a number of areas. I especially appreciate the work you have done on Sino-Theology....thank you!
-- Kevin Higgins, Executive Director, Global Teams, Dec. 2003

I enjoyed all the articles and was particularly gratified to read your papers on spiritual warfare and find another missiologist who agrees with our position borne out in numerous encounters on the field and in counseling.
-- Rick Calenberg, SIM USA, Northwest Regional Director, Dec. 2003

Just came across Global Missiology -- what a wonderful initiative! God bless and direct you in this valuable ministry.
-- George M. Wieland, Lecturer in New Testament, Auckland University School of Theology & Carey Baptist College, Nov. 2003

It looks so awesome and will be very useful to me and others.
-- Patrick Khaw, Oct. 2003

Wonderful…Delighted to be a recipient.  I am forwarding it to a group of missiologists interested in India.
-- Max Stackhouse, Professor, Princeton Theological Seminary, Oct. 2003

Very good site. I have bookmarked it and also forwarded it to some people on the missions board at Lakeside Presbyterian.
-- Chip Freundt, Oct. 2003